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Raynaud coffee set Porcelain Limoges Incrustation Palais Royal - 6 x

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Around 1990–2000, France

Exclusive coffee set consisting of a round dish, coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl and two mocha cups and saucers in Napoleon style.

Porcelain, Raynaud and Co., Limoges. Incrustation Palais Royal
Promenade au Palais Royal XVIII-ieme siecle epoque directoire.

Hand-painted, golf leaf, in excellent condition.
This coffee service has been produced since 1938 and is still in production, but is only made to order. New price for this set is around €16,000.
Photos 32, 33 and 34 are from the Raynaud book, this describes the origination of this décor, as in the English translation below:

Palais Royal was originally called « Promenade aux Champs Élysées « . It was presented by the General Manager of
the Galeries Lafayette and Martial Raynaud to Sacha Guitry for the movie « Remontons les Champs Élysées « in 1938.
Since then, many celebrities or crowned heads acquired this set.

The motifs of the cartels evoke the dress and customs of the Incroyables, Merveilleuses and Muscadins, eccentric young Parisians
during the Directoire. They were inspired by an engraving by Louis Caroggis known as Carmontelle (1717–1806) who was also a
playwright and the author of short, light, witty plays called « Proverbes.

All the characters and foliage motifs are entirely enhanced before being hand-painted and highlighted with gold. The traditional Limoges
technique requires as many firings as colours. Each cartel and each scene is different, which gives the décor its unique appeal.
Commercialization of the model from the 1950s.

Needless to say, the service will be packaged with care and shipped by registered post.

Nl pascaleschoen  

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    Bien reçu.Etat parfait.
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    jryou 2018年11月30日

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    albertevrard 2018年10月4日

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    todo ok
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    Scavro 2018年10月2日

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    The books for doll houses are beautifull, very polite seller-super package
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    ALEXIASN 2018年9月4日

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    Esattamente come presentato grazie
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    nicolocau 2018年8月29日

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    curnan 2018年8月27日

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    fantastisch contact, erg leuke extraatjes meegestuurd (waarvoor mijn dank Pascale) en waar het allemaal om ging...... de twee stations waren werkelijk boven verwachting mooi! ik ben er erg blij mee!
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    frankhuisman 2018年8月5日

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    Beautifull Barbie with book,
    The seller is polite and SUPER SELLER
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    ALEXIASN 2018年6月28日

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    Very nice seller, beautiful item as described, fast shipment! Recommended!
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    HPieroni 2018年5月9日

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    Very nice seller, beautiful item as described, fast shipment! Recommended!
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    HPieroni 2018年5月9日

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    Excellent communication and help, many many thanks!
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    camonka 2018年4月27日

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    Recived in perfect conditions. Very well packaged and with a nice message. Thank you, Pascalschoen.
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    fernandamariaferreira 2018年4月19日

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    Zeer tevreden over deze deal.
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    hazet 2018年3月29日

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    service parfait
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    Redloved 2018年3月5日

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    ALEXIASN 2018年2月21日

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    The dolls were waterfull, the package was SUPER☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
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    ALEXIASN 2018年2月2日

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    snelle levering, leuk commentaar en goed verpakt
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    tieram 2017年12月6日

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    Perfecte verkoper , alles goed ingepakt en als omschreven [zelfs nog iets extra's bijgevoegd , waarvoor dank ! ]
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    Googlie 2017年11月14日

  • 它很美,有點大,但是我非常喜歡它,也謝謝你的香包,感謝你優質的賣家

    24221177 2017年11月1日

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    Prima geleverd en op afgesproken tijd.
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    Inis 2017年10月19日

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    Persona onestissima e very nice. Grazie
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    Tazzari123 2017年10月13日

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    Top verkoper !! Ben erg blij met de mooie pop
    Ook nog bedankt voor de hartelijke ontvangst
    bij het ophalen van de pop
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    Googlie 2017年10月2日

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    Très bien
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    JeanLouisAucagos 2017年9月18日

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    el vendendor me dice que se realizo un envio del cual no recibi notificación, hace una semana le vovlvia escribir para que lo volviera e enviar y estoy pendiente de respuesta.
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    Motaka 2017年8月29日

    Dear Monica , I send you 3 emails , on 3-8 en 23-8 via Catawiki, I am waiting for respons from you. My spanisch is not so good to understand what you are writing You were not at home when the parcel arrived, you asked me to resend when you are back from holiday , I answered at 3-8 that I got the parcel back, you send me last week that you returned from holiday, I asked you at 23-8 if you want to pay by bank for resending and sent you my bankaccount after that I did not hear anything from you, so I am still waiting . Maybe de email by Catawiki is not working because the subject is closed,The emails were sent to Motaka_b02767f8@mail.catawiki.com <Motaka_b02767f8@mail.catawiki.com>
    Shall I try to contact you by phone? I contact Catawiki and the problem is that when the case is closed the won't send the emails to us, so thats why we both didn't hear anything
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加拿大 €34.50
奧地利 €19.50
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瑞典 €19.50
瑞士 €19.50
盧森堡 €19.50
義大利 €19.50
英國 €19.50
荷蘭 €6.95
葡萄牙 €19.50
西班牙 €19.50
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任何地方 €34.50



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