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鑽石 - 0.27 ct - 方形 - fancy deep orange brown - IGI Antwerp - No Reserve Price, SI2

拍賣品參考編號 27149723
鑽石 - 0.27 ct - 方形 - fancy deep orange brown - IGI Antwerp - No Reserve Price, SI2








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您的競投 目前出價 €100 HK$876
下個最低出價 €110 HK$963
地點: 以色列
拍賣費用: 勝出投標價的9%
貨運至美國: €85.00


€100 競投者 5959
2019年6月9日 11小時:01分:13秒
€7 競投者 7317
2019年6月9日 10小時:46分:47秒
€6 競投者 5959
2019年6月9日 10小時:33分:09秒
€3 競投者 7317
2019年6月9日 09小時:55分:51秒
€2 競投者 0400
2019年6月9日 09小時:10分:37秒
€1 競投者 0531
2019年6月8日 22小時:47分:59秒
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石頭: 鑽石
總克拉重量: 0,27
形狀/車工: 方形
天然中彩色: fancy deep orange brown
淨度: IGI Antwerp - No Reserve Price, SI2
處理: 天然 (未經處理)
證明文件: IGI

Graded by IGI, the world's largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute.
IGI certification, considered to be one of the most reliable certifications in the world and respected by anyone associated with the Diamond Industry.
Certification included and sealed.

No Reserve Price!

Shape: Square
Carat: 0.27ct
Clarity: SI2
Color: Fancy Deep Orange-Brown

Photos are taken with a high-quality camera lens.
No process of coloring editing or Photoshop, “What you see, is what you get”.
Please have a good look at the photos before bidding.

IGI - Clarity Scale:

IF - Internally Flawless
VVS1, VVS2 - Very Very Slightly Included.
VS1, VS2 - Very Slightly Included.
SI1, SI2 - Slightly Included.
I1, I2, and I3 - Imperfect.

* Shipments are insured and tracked by the most reliable shipping companies FedEx/DHL.

* Please note, your country of residence may impose customs and import duties.

* Belgian bidders, you may need to clear the shipment from the Diamond Office in Antwerp.

* Chinese bidders, loose Diamonds can only be shipped to Hong Kong.

* French bidders, please note the increased cost for shipments to France.
This cost includes the handling, delivery and broker fee which is required for importing diamonds to France.
This is a specialized service provided by D2D VAL Express. This fee covers all costs except any applicable Import VAT.

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Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, feel free to contact us if you have any concern or questions.

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    Zeer snelle levering, goed verpakt in een mooie doos. Artikel goed omschreven en ziet eruit zoals verwacht. Prima tevreden over deze verkoper.
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    Jastremski 2019年10月21日

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    happy with the ring and the good service
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    user-20bbd5d 2019年10月21日

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    sehr schöner Ring, schneller Versand. Die Lieferkosten/Shipping sind mit 85€ sehr hoch; auch im Vergleich zu anderen Anbietern.
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    user-b8ca8dc 2019年10月20日

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    Perfetto scatola e tutto quanto fatto da persone altamente professionali consiglio di comprare da voi siete precisi e affidabili grazie
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    Ilsalvacasa 2019年10月19日

  • 請註意:此頁面的部分內容為系統自動翻譯。
    Very satisfied. Fast delivery and ring was as promised if not more beautiful than I expected. Will look for more styles to bid on from this seller.
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    user-e55a51c 2019年10月19日

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    Buna ziua ! Va multumesc pentru seriozitatea de care a-ti dat dovada ,
    am primit totul in regula si la timp si sunt foarte multumit .
    Va multumesc ! Pe curand !
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    0722211050 2019年10月19日

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    Leuk, maar grote verassing met de uikomst Ik dacht van Duiysland nee kwam van Israel...Zo, 106€ meer ! Het moet duidelijker zijn waar de spullen vandaan komen ivm de douane kosten
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    user-a899518 2019年10月18日

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    all as a description. fantastic seller
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    user-0e5893b 2019年10月18日

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    all as a description. fantastic seller
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    user-0e5893b 2019年10月18日

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    Ottimo prodotto. Rapporto qualità prezzo veramente alto.
    Spedizione e sdoganamento veloci e precisi.
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    claudiovenezia 2019年10月18日

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    Preciso puntuale e come mi aspettavo
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    giuchi59 2019年10月18日

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    acquavimar 2019年10月18日

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    Super! I won the lot Tuesday October 15th and the package arrived at the end of today, October 17th. The lot was good packed with a beautiful box. Great service and I am very happy with the outcome.
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    user-6acc667 2019年10月17日

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    Top, thanks
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    user-20bbd5d 2019年10月17日

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    Va multumesc pentru seriozitatea de care a-ti dat dovada si sper sa colaboram si pe viitor .
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    0722211050 2019年10月17日

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    user-85a2607 2019年10月17日

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    Ottimo venditore
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    Teo73 2019年10月17日

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    After a lonmg time I have got the parcel - thanks to the Sender helping in this matter.
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    user-f46d070 2019年10月17日

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    Je suis déçue du pavage cela met pas le diamant qui est beau en valeur merci BRIGITTE
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    brigitteberger 2019年10月17日

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    Una gran rapidez, se podria mejorar si la agencia de aduanas antes de entrgar el pedido indicase, aunque fuese aproximadamente el importe a pagar por este concepto
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    joisemaria 2019年10月17日

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    Tutto "PERFETTO" oggetto meglio di quanto mi aspettassi, arrivederci al prossimo acquisto, Grazie Grazie Grazie.
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    kamika810 2019年10月17日

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    All I can say is wow.
    First purchase too.
    This ring is to be my engagement ring.
    My birthstone is emerald too.
    I absolutely love it.
    Only needs to be sized slightly too.
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    user-bbf3007 2019年10月16日

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    Rapide sérieux et conforme à l’enchère.
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    user-6377bbf 2019年10月16日

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    alles opgelost, bedankt, andré
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    user-5bd37f7 2019年10月15日

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    user-2073ea5 2019年10月14日



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美國 €85.00
以色列 €85.00
法國 €180.00
其他歐洲地區 €85.00
任何地方 €85.00




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