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Kashmir Qom, India, 250 x 300 cm

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目前出價 €192 HK$1,713
下個最低出價 €202 HK$1,802
地點: 德國
拍賣費用: 勝出投標價的9%
貨運至美國: €120.00


€192 競投者 6293
2018年6月15日 20小時:04分:44秒
€182 競投者 1928
2018年6月15日 20小時:04分:17秒
€170 競投者 6293
2018年6月15日 20小時:03分:05秒
€160 競投者 3239
2018年6月15日 20小時:02分:42秒
€150 競投者 6293
2018年6月15日 20小時:01分:03秒
€140 競投者 3239
2018年6月15日 20小時:00分:51秒
€130 競投者 6260
2018年6月15日 18小時:57分:20秒

Genuine oriental carpet, with certificate, beautiful hand-knotted oriental carpet, Qom with medallion - made in India -

材質: 羊毛棉
製造週期: 1950-1999
出產國: 印度
狀態: 總體狀態良好

On offer is a hand-knotted Persian oriental carpet. These carpets are manufactured in renowned knotting regions.

Please look at the carpet with patience and attention. Each handmade
carpet is unique in its design, beauty and colour harmony and therefore
a work of art in itself.

Province: Indo Qom
Made in India
Highland wool around 1990

The carpet measures 250 x 300 cm.
Auction number: 8773
Including certificate of authenticity

The carpet is in good overall condition, see XXL pictures

Worldwide insured shipping with UPS

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De Antik-rugs  專業經銷商 頂級賣家

賣家信譽得分: 98.3%
評價總數: 3080
註冊時間: 2016年1月22日
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    Teppich gefaltet, NICHT gerollt! Schlecht da Knicke bleiben.
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    xerarc 2018年8月16日

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    Tutto ok
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    Pallina54 2018年8月16日

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    het bestelde is netjes aangekomen alles goed verpakt ik ben er blij mee

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    verhaaltjex10 2018年8月16日

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    Fijn dat de leverancier het probleem met ons in goede harmony heeft opgelost!
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    user-63b7ac4 2018年8月15日

    We can not understand this negative review. We have made a mistake and we are very sorry for that, but we are just about to solve this mishap to your satisfaction right now: arpet returned/Money back
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    We are very satisfied with Catawiki and happy with the rug.
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    user-a395ff2 2018年8月15日

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    Very beautiful rug. It will be much more so once it was been cleaned. Definitely. Packaging could have been more protective, but I got what I paid for.
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    user-4e69507 2018年8月15日

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    Very happy with my quick purchase. It is a beauty, the picture was completely right. Package was delivered whitin three days.
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    user-8afbe50 2018年8月15日

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    tapijt zoals beschreven ! thanks ! snelle levering ! bedankt.
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    Hannahto 2018年8月14日

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    tapijt is zoals beschreven ! thanks ! snel geleverd ! ok.
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    Hannahto 2018年8月14日

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    Esperienza positiva. Acquisto e spedizione come previsto. Molto soddisfatto.
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    user-7ebe3ed 2018年8月14日

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    Het is een aardig tapijt. maar vuil en met vlekken. Niet professioneel gereinigd,zoals in de advertentie staat. Versturen duurde ook tamelijk lang.
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    ecran 2018年8月14日

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    netjes en snel geleverd altijd in orde Freeport ( TOP )
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    freeport 2018年8月14日

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    A encomenda chegou bem.
    O meu pai Carlos Moreira morreu pelo que agradeço suspendam todas as licitações em curso.
    Mekhores cumprimentos- A,Moreira
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    carlosjmamoreira 2018年8月13日

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    venditore corretto spedizione lenta
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    klarasusanna 2018年8月13日

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    Good carpet, fast shipping
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    pietrosaccone 2018年8月13日

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    pienamente soddisfatto
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    user-82d44d1 2018年8月13日

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    Arrived in good time, rug as described, very pleased with our purchase.
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    Carp5 2018年8月13日

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    Keurig verpakt, kavel kwam onbeschadigd aan!
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    user-6571e2f 2018年8月13日

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    Ware wurde im einwandfreien Zustand angeliefert.


    Siegfried Kern
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    user-68b01e1 2018年8月13日

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    Eccellente:il tappeto è in ottime condizioni ed il trasposto molto veloce! Veramente tutto eccellente! Grazie
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    tetti 2018年8月10日

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    Il tappeto e' difforme rispetto alle foto mostrate. Completamente di altro colore, verde chiaro anziche' marroncino , sbiadito e presenta rattoppi con filo al centro non evidenziati. Molto delusa
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    Sabrifor 2018年8月10日

    We are verry sorry, that you are not satisfied with the carpet. But we did not receive any e-mail from or a complaint from you before. we will surely find a positive solution for your complain.
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    Livraison rapide. Le tapis correspond à nos attentes. Je recommande ce site qui est professionnel. Merci.
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    user-b6b64ee 2018年8月10日

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    Très satisfaite de mon achat : tapis conforme à mon attente , livraison rapide
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    user-b6b64ee 2018年8月10日

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    Rapido , prodotto come da foto. Tutto ok
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    AnitaPiardi 2018年8月9日

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    Sono soddisfatto dell'acquisto e della puntualità della spedizione. Sia la presentazione fotografica che la descrizione del lotto sono state apprezzate. Grazie
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    user-5e4562e 2018年8月9日

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美國 €120.00
丹麥 €35.00
加拿大 €120.00
奧地利 €35.00
德國 €15.00
愛爾蘭 €35.00
挪威 €35.00
比利時 €35.00
法國 €35.00
波蘭 €45.00
瑞典 €45.00
瑞士 €45.00
盧森堡 €35.00
義大利 €35.00
英國 €35.00
荷蘭 €19.00
葡萄牙 €45.00
西班牙 €30.00
其他歐洲地區 €45.00
任何地方 €150.00


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