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古羅馬 玻璃 Necklace with turquoise melon glass, shell beads - 53 cm - (1)

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古羅馬 玻璃 Necklace with turquoise melon glass, shell beads - 53 cm - (1)








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1st - 3rd century AD - Europe

文化: 古羅馬
材料: 玻璃
物品數量: 1
物件: Necklace with turquoise melon glass, shell beads
世紀/時間框架: 1st - 3rd century AD
來源地: Europe
狀況: 良好狀態,請看圖片

Necklace with Roman turquoise/blue glass beads, turquoise/blue glass melon beads and shell beads with an elegant drop pendant. The necklace is restrung with authentic Roman beads in a contemporary setting and is wearable (clasp).
The necklace will be delivered in a jewellery gift box.

Maximum length: 53 cm
Diameter beads: varies from ca 2 - 8 mm

Condition: good condition, restrung and wearable. See images, description and dimensions for full impression.
Certificate of Authenticity available upon request (pdf-format).

Upon request it is possible to delay shipping to accommodate your holiday. Simply send us a message as soon as you make the payment.
Multiple purchases in the same week can be combined to save on the shipping fees:
Shipping: registered and insured parcel.

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Purchased by the current owner in London, United Kingdom.

Attention: No export licence is required for shipping within the European Union.
For all countries outside the European Union an export licence is required. This application will be arranged by the seller, at no additional charges for the buyer. The item can only be shipped after the licence has been obtained, this may take 2-6 weeks.

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    I asked for a delayed posting and they happily did what I asked and I received the items safely - many thanks, much appreciated!
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    Orecchini molto belli, un giusto connubio tra manifattura moderna e pietre antiche. Il materiale, ben confezionato, è arrivato rapidamente. Grazie
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    Nice item. Good delivery, Tx!
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    Parcel arrived very quickly. Excellent packaging and fast shipping.
    Great service.Thank you
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    oggetto molto bello, ben imballato e arrivato velocemente. tutto bene
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    Produit en bon état comme décrit et certificat envoyé de suite à ma demande
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    In buitengewone mooie luxe cadeauverpakking, klaar om cadeau te geven. Hartelijk dank daarvoor. Hillenius ( Toine )
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    Great service and beautiful piece. Thank yoy
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